Duo Art Exhibition ”Halfness” //

//March // 2018 // Oslo //



// the state of being made up of two separate parts

// installation view video


HALFNESS// 2018/

// installation 

// art printmaking/woodcut on paper/ wood sticks, transparent paper/ MDF-plate

// 212 x 121 cm (x 4)/

// In two of the art prints, half of a face joins the half of other as both are followed by a new image, making the face complete.HALFNESS : a visual discourse that highlights the differences between the two halves of a human face and the obvious difference between people; people who tried to live and create together, compromising or trying to change themselves or mostly the others. Completely different or sharing similarities, surely we are all connected and through everything we do, we are sort of always half in or half out. 


NETWORK// 2018/

// light installation

// plywood, Plexiglas, art printmaking/woodcut on paper, 3 led battery spot/

// 13 x 13 cm (35 pieces)/ total installation dimensions may differ/ 

// Through all their small imperfections and rawness the art prints explore the differences between people, the existence of several distinct human typologies. As expressed by the four distinctly shaped types of pipes which evoke the feeling of connectivity, the concept of NETWORK is emphasized. Man occupies the space underneath, front rear space and in sides. Mastering this space is one of our rights, our privacy but it seems to be our cage as well. As interdependent and connected we try to be, as introverted and impassive we actually are.